A palette of rich, vivid tones interspersed with bold, brass elements generate a sense of festive warmth and elegance. Subtle scents of fresh foliage and hints of sandalwood transport guests to a destination immersed in history and tradition, setting the perfect evening for a lively celebration alongside spectacular beachside views.

Wishing to incorporate Kelsey’s Indian heritage into their wedding celebrations, Kelsey and Andrew were looking for someone to style their pre-wedding Mehndi Night. Mehndi is the traditional art of applying temporary tattoos known as henna. It is customary in Indian tradition for family and friends to gather just before a wedding to celebrate with colourful festivities, including dancing, games and of course – mehndi! The couple’s vision for their event was a contemporary take on the traditional Mehndi Night – a cocktail evening, maintaining a festive and vibrant cultural atmosphere, designed to complement their modern venue with picturesque beachside views.

Working very closely with Kelsey & Andrew, I learnt their likes and dislikes, goals and vision for their event. Selecting a bold, elegant colour palette (which also happens to be my favourite kind!), I put together a detailed storyboard of various elements within the event space to suit their requirements and the overall concept. From florals to furnishings, I researched traditional Mehndi Nights to see how I could place a sophisticated, modern twist on their event, a fusion of both Eastern & Western cultures.

Being a huge fan of details, I enquired about Kelsey and Andrew’s guests, the catering and also the events taking place on the night, to design an ideal floorplan for the mehndi, bar, musicians, dance floor and lounging areas, allowing maximum flow-through and comfort for their guests.

Unlike traditional mehndi stations, this setup was designed sans backdrop and as open as possible for stunning, unobstructed views from St Kilda Life Saving Club. While having henna applied, ladies were able to enjoy the beautiful sunset and beachside scenery. The inclusion of luxurious velvet furniture and lush foliage adorning the arch invoked a soft, naturistic, feminine overtone to the dedicated station.

As I got to know Kelsey, I discovered what a beautiful, truly genuine person she is. Blessed with many talents, I learnt she is both a passionate and gifted artist! Wishing to highly personalise Kelsey and Andrew’s celebrations, we decided to create a custom K&A logoform for the couple, which would be transferred across all signage and stationery for both their Wedding and Mehndi Night. I have always appreciated great branding and it’s consistency across collateral (showing my true marketing colours here!). Aesthetics alone, everything is uniform and looks beautiful. When it comes to events, developing a style guide that includes a logoform, typographic set and colour palette to tie in with the theme, creates a strong cohesiveness that binds all elements, reinforcing the concept and setting the precise tone for guests.

Lighting is another element which works really well to set the mood of an event. It can be used to enhance, divide or focus on specific areas within a room. For the couple’s event, subtle mood lighting was used to soften the mehndi station, dually featuring the vibrant floral clusters adorning the arch. We chose to divide and highlight the dance floor area by illuminating the section with mandala projections on the ceiling, all designed by Kelsey herself. The custom K&A logoform was also converted into a projection, which was prominently displayed behind the stage.

As guests arrived for the evening, they were welcomed with the sounds of live classical sitar and tabla music, setting the atmosphere for festivities to come. Throughout the night, Kelsey, Andrew and their families took part in traditional Indian ceremonial customs, including lively games and plenty of dancing! A modern, vibrant mehndi celebration, full of laughter and joy – the perfect way to celebrate a very special couple in anticipation of their big day!

View more images from their Mehndi Night here.

Concept Design, Styling & Coordination: Adore Every Detail / Photography: Sabine Legrand / Florals: The Handsome Bloom / Furniture: Dann Event Hire / Lighting: Pro Light & Sound / Mehndi arch: Shape Steel / Signage: Adore Every Detail, Sketch And Etch / Venue: St Kilda Life Saving Club / Henna: Henna Art By Savita / Music: David Balaban / Catering: ACC Catering